Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mobley & Sons - Canterbury Clothiers

Mobley & Sons is a men's fine clothing store. I had a suit custom fitted in store a couple of years ago. Quality makes a huge difference and Mobley & Sons has been in the fine clothing business for 40 years and has been kept in the family. They are available for consults and fittings in store.

They are located at 1657 North Mcfarland

Canterbury Clothiers is the women's fine clothing. They offer some unique and fashionable women's clothes. The stores are attached.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Caleb O'Connor - Portraits of the artist


I got a chance to visit Caleb's studio at the University of Alabama were he is currently working on a series of paintings for the new federal building. The series of paintings will tell the history of Tuscalooosa and Alabama. It is pretty powerful to think that these paintings will be in the building for the next couple hundred years. He is currently working on them in a studio on campus.

Caleb | The Artist

Born and raised in Hawaii, Caleb O’Connor moved to Baltimore, Maryland to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art, which has one of the top ranked painting programs in the nation. Caleb studied under the renowned painting professors Israel Hershberg, Mark Karnes, Barry Nemett, and Raul Middleman. During his senior year of college in 2001 he had his first solo exhibition at Gallery K in Washington D.C. Since then, he has shown in many galleries both nationally and internationally. Shortly after graduating with a BFA he taught an advance drawing course at the Delaware College of Arts and Design and painted portrait commissions of families from all parts of the world.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Local Joint Getaway Weekend - Chattanooga

We are embarking on a new idea. Once a quarter we will be traveling to places within 4 hours driving distance from Tuscaloosa. Our goal is to find the best local joints the city has to offer and bring the findings back to you. So when you want to getaway for a couple days you can check out our write ups and it will help you plan your getaway weekend. We will not feature chain restaurants but only places that are truly unique to that city.

Our first city is Chattanooga distance from Tuscaloosa about 3 hours.

I fell in love with Chattanooga. They have designed the city to be super friendly to guests. We easily could have spent a couple more days exploring this great city. The city really feels small, cozy, and clean.

The first plus about the city is the public transit. IT'S FREE. All we had to do was park at our hotel and we could ride free all day everyday downtown. The drivers were all amazing, helpful and friendly.

We did do a couple tourist things while there. We took the incline ride to the top of lookout mountain. While the view was amazing the ride was over rated and I guess i expected more at the top of the mountain. The lines were long and I would have rather just drove up the mountain. Live and learn. I would probably have gone to ruby falls instead.

You can walk everywhere in Chattanooga - below is a picture of the walking bridge that connects the city across the river.

The Good Dog is a fantastic local joint serving the dog any which way. We created our own dogs. The design and layout of this place was truly unique and creative.

Klumpies Ice Cream shop was a true favorite of the locals the line was a mile long. They make every waffle cone fresh. You might want to get their early so you don't have to wait in the lines.
The Aquarium was truly amazing. The price is a little steep at $25 per person but def. worth every penny. They have two buildings to experience. I personally liked the 2nd building because of the hands on interaction. You were able to pet sting rays - which feel like sponges with slim. The kids will love this place.

I am not over-exaggerating when I say that I had the best breakfast of my life in Chattanooga. Aretha Frankensteins was out of this world awesome. Every bite was cherished and Melissa and I couldn't believe our taste buds. Everything about this place i loved. If you go to Chattanooga and don't eat here you are out of your mind. This is the true local joint. They converted an old house filled it with things they bought off ebay and gave it a great name. Aretha's I love ya. We loved it so much we are ordering the pancake mix online.

The Public House offers fine dining with a comfortable atmosphere. We were able to sit outside on a couch and enjoy a leisurely meal. Located just off market street by warehouse row. This place is worth the visit.

If you are a coffee drinker make your way to Rembrandts Coffee House. Located in the Bluff View Arts District. Grab a cup and then tour the local artist galleries.

We stayed in the Chattanoogan which was 4 star all the way. The location was perfect. With kids i would recommend the Choo Choo Chattanooga - where you stay in old box cars.

If you have a sweet tooth you must stop by the Chattanooga Cupcake. The key lime cupcake was legendary. The best cupcake in the world. This place knows how to do one thing really really well.

For lunch we had 212 Market - which was a green restaurant. Their produce is mostly organic and from local farmers. Talk about supporting the local.